Universitat Rovira i Virgili


In the current situation of economic crisis and in the context of the increasing globalization of the economy, society and culture, the European Union is setting new challenges for the regions in an attemt to bring about economic recovery and improve citizen welfare. The concept of smart specialization, based on developing and exploiting the knowledge economy, seems to be a new way of increasing the competitiveness of European regions. As the source of knowledge and innovation, universities and other research institutions play a critical role in this process. Analysis and knowledge are regarded as key elements if regions are to develop effectively and efficiently. To go deeper into this subject, the URV created the Chair for University and Knowledge Region, sponsored by the Tarragona Provincial Council and Banco Santander.

Mission: to show how university activities can help regions develop a smart specialization strategy and improve citizen welfare.

            Goals: to encourage the study and analysis of the following subjects:

                           The structure and functions of university systems.

                           Research and innovation into regional smart specialization.

                           University research and innovation indicators.

                           The economic, social and cultural impact of universities on their region.

              The university as the driving force behind regional transformation.

              The university as the driving force behind regional smart specialization.

                           Regional opportunities for research and innovation institutions.