Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Chair for University and Knowledge Region


as a driver of growth


to guarantee strategic planning


to boost smart specialisation

The Chair for University and Knowledge Region has the aim of promoting the dissemination of specialized knowledge related with regional development generated by university activities in its area of influence and fostering a regional smart specialization to improve citizen welfare. 


Owing to the spread of the COVID-19, the agenda of the Chair for University and Knowledge Region is altered due to the wave of postponements and cancellations of events.

As far as possible we try to offer information about events and activities online to keep working for regional development.
SMARTER 2020 Conference Webinar series: Connecting grand societal challenges with local goals in place-based innovation policy

17/9 – 3/12/2020, Webinar

Webinar on designing action plans

22/9/2020, Webinar

Webinar on Centres of Competence

25/9/2020, Webinar

European Week of Regions and Cities 2020

5-22/10/2020, Brussels, Belgium

EU Green Week

20-22/10/2020, various locations

La crisi de la Covid-19: una oportunitat per accelerar la implementació de l’Agenda 2030

29/10/2020, Barcelona

European Conference on Financing

11-13/11/2020, Valencia